Production and regeneration of diamond dressers and grinding pins


About us

Zakład Badawczo-Produkcyjny "DiaBorEx" is a private limited liability company established in 1990, providing services within research and production.

More about us

Throughout the entire period of its business activity, the company has focused its operations on:

  • production and sales of diamond tools for the engineering and construction industries with the basic product group comprising a wide range of diamond dressers
  • production and sales of diamond tools for natural stone processing and for the construction industry. In this sector, the basic products are formed, flat and cylindrical cutters, as well as core trepan drills
  • refurbishment of used single-point diamond dressers and grinded dressers (e.g. the Reishauer type).


The scope of our services covers:


Refurbishment of single-point diamond dressers and grinded dressers

refurbishment (grinding)

Refurbishment (grinding) of the monocrystalline diamond tools, such as styluses, turning tools, etc.


Modernization and refurbishment of core drill bits for geological drilling as well as cutters and drills, involving replacement of sintered carbide parts with sintered metal-diamond parts


You can find our most popular products in the catalog.

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In order to implement unusual or less common diamond tools, please contact us.


Our company has established and applies a Quality Management System for design, production, sales and regeneration of diamond tools according to ISO 9001:2015